Conflict is a normal and natural occurrence of interacting with one another. The cost of resolving conflict is negligible relative to the cost of leaving conflicts unresolved. Some studies suggest that 30-40% of a manager’s daily activities are devoted to dealing with some form of interpersonal conflict. A manager’s inability to effectively deal with anger and conflict in the workplace may result in a large loss of productivity and adversely impact others who work there. In the workplace there is either real or perceived unfair treatment, emotional abuse, discrimination, sexual harassment, disparate treatment, cultural diversity, anger, hostility, or potential violence. Having to endure these conflicts without sufficient tools, resources, outlets, or support, employees are destined to experience discomfort, and this distress can get out of control.

What is involved?

  • Identifying challenging situations
  • dealing with customers face to face/telephone
  • looking at triggers to stressful events
  • relaxation and breathing techniques
  • using the STOPP method

Who is this aimed at?

This training is aimed at different groups.  It is useful for those in a management or leadership role or can be of benefit in customer facing teams.Training is interactive and delivered in a friendly relaxed atmosphere.

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