What Is Group Based Support?

Groups are aimed at anyone who is interested in building key life skills that will help them to understand the causes and impact of their difficulties in a group attendance format.

They may consist of a variety of presentations, activities and discussions depending on the type you attend.

They are interesting and engaging and can be useful for anyone who wishes to find out more about mild to moderate common mental health difficulties such as low mood, anxiety and stress 

Group Based Support is available in the local community; they can vary from one session to a series of sessions where each session can last anything from an hour to 3 hours depending on the type.  Ask us about;

  • Anger Management - running weekly for 7 weeks our aim is to provide information and techniques on how to deal with anger more effectively, improve how you relate to yourself and others and improve relationships with friends, family and colleagues.
  • Confidence Building - running weekly for 5 weeks this CBT focused programme aims to improve your self-esteem confidence and assertiveness skills.
  • Mindfulness - this NICE approved intervention is a 6 weeks course that aims to focus on the interpaly between internal and external experiences so that your awareness is increased and that you can learn how to direct your attention and build tolerance to your emotions.
  • Healthy Choices & Lifestyles - a 4 week programme providing guided self-help for low mood, anxiety, sleep difficulties and relaxation.
  • Pain Management - this 5 week course aims to provide psycho-education around pain and learn helpful coping strategies to manage symptoms of chronic pain.
  • Panic Information Session - this 90 minute session is focused upon understanding the physiological symptoms of panic attacks and the development of coping strategies to manage these symptoms
  • Low Mood & Anxiety Information Session - a 2 hour educational session which is focused upon understanding what low mood and anxiety is alongside guided self-help including thought challenging and behavioural activation.
  • PTSD Information Session - following assessment an educational follow-up session can be provided to help with normalising symptoms of PTSD, practicing grounding and safe place techniques.

How Can These Help Me?

The focus of the groups and sessions are to teach you key skills that you can use to manage your difficulties, these include:

  • Learning how to deal with practical problems
  • Learning coping strategies and management techniques
  • Acquiring self-help skills and using self-help materials