Mindfulness can help you to observe the relationship between your thoughts and feelings in any situation; it enables you to accept your internal emotions, thoughts and physical sensations and allows you to do what is best for you, at that time, in that situation.  Being mindful is the opposite of being on autopilot. Automatic pilot is when you are more likely to have your “buttons pressed” where events around you and your thoughts and feelings can trigger old habits of thinking that are often unhelpful and may lead to worsening mood.

What is Involved?

NICE first recommended Mindfulness CBT as a treatment for recurrent depression in 2004.  Building on the evidence base for programmes run since then, Alliance are offering a six-week programme called ‘Being Mindful.’

Mindfulness can lead to increased self-care and reduced symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia.  The programme is suitable for clients with mild to moderate anxiety and depression, and for those who have recovered from a period of depression as a relapse prevention method.

The goals of the programme are:

  • Increasing awareness of thoughts, body sensations, physical sensations and emotions
  • Learning how to direct attention to where you want it to be
  • Increasing ability to concentrate and to relax
  • Building skills in tolerating and not reacting to troubling thoughts and emotions

The programme teaches participants how to be mindful, through a mix of meditations, gentle stretching, discussions and input from facilitators. 

Who is this aimed at?

This programme is aimed at all adults who want to learn to take control of their mind rather than allowing their  mind to be in control of them.  It is delivered weekly over 6 weeks and sessions last 1 hour.  The programme can be adapted to meet the needs of the group.

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