Skills for Life is an enrichment programme which helps to develop effective communication skills - essential to be able to improve life chances.  It includes classroom study and weekly home practice which is a key aspect of the programme. At the end of the programme the individual will know how to;

  • communicate assertively
  • be able to express emotions appropriately
  • manage anger more effectively
  • deal with conflict successfully

What is involved?

Week 1 – Understanding Communications

Week 2 - Communicating with Ourselves

Week 3 - Introduction to Communication

Week 4 - Hearing What Others Mean

Week 5 - Handling Conflict Successfully

Week 6 - Personal Well-being and Communication

 Who is this aimed at?

This course is aimed at students within an educational environment, however can be adapted to suit most needs.  Sessions are delivered over 1-2 hours and over 6 sessions.

If you are interested in this training then please contact us at