What is Solution Focused Therapy?

As the name suggests Solution Focused Therapy focuses on solutions and is goal-oriented, rather than problem focused as many other therapies are.  Although this therapy acknowledges the distress you may be experiencing, it focuses on success and you will be encouraged to find your own solutions.  You may have heard this therapy talk often about the "miracle question" a question that encourages people to stop thinking about why they cannot achieve something and instead picture how their lives could be if a miracle occurred.

We can deliver sessions over the telephone or face to face, either in your GP practice (subject to availability) or one of our own venues.  

Sessions last up to 1 hour and are generally weekly or fortnightly.

How Can This Help Me?

It is thought to work very effectively for those who are keen to embrace change and have a goal-orientated mind-set.

Due to the brief nature of the approach, solution-focused therapy can be particularly beneficial to those who lead fast-paced, modern lifestyles.

It can help with communication difficulties, stress and anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, behavioural problems, eating disorders and relationship difficulties to name a few.