Most children generally feel prepared in dealing with transitions for example moving school. Families and teachers help them to prepare by addressing worries, reassuring and encouraging them, explaining what to expect and how secondary school works, and by giving advice and tips on how to cope at their new school. However, some children do not feel prepared when they change schools and are left feeling worried and anxious.

What is involved?

Transition is one of the key times in any young person’s life where both internal and external changes may be maximal, causing levels of stress and anxiety. Transition can be one of the greatest changes in a child’s life. This workshop is unique;

  • understanding and normalising transitions
  • varying impacts on children
  • transitions throughout life,
  • gaining skills to deal with periods of change

Children may have been supported and coped well in a smaller setting and it may be only when they leave this and have to manage in a larger setting, with more responsibility that many children start not to cope. This may become a “tipping point” for the child.

Who is this aimed at?

This workshop will look at Transition within an educational setting, a whole classroom approach. Focusing on two key time frames, Primary School to Secondary, Secondary to Higher Education or Employment.  It is aimed at children and young people who are making steps from primary to secondary school or secondary school to become school leavers.

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