Stress is a major issue for organisations across the UK affecting 1 in 5 of the working population. It not only accounts for the most sickness absence in businesses, but also results in presenteeism with a massive impact on morale, motivation, productivity and general performance. It is therefore vital that line managers create an environment and team culture that minimises stress. Educating line managers in key stressors, training them to recognise the symptoms of stress, ensuring they have the requisite managerial skills to minimise unhealthy stress and providing them with the tools to reduce stress for themselves and their teams can therefore pay huge dividends.

What is involved?

By the end of the workshop you will feel well-equipped and able to deal confidently, openly and proactively with the issue of stress within your teams, you should be able to:

• Quickly recognise early signs of stress within your team and intervene appropriately

• Identify the key causes of work-place stress and put plans in place to minimise it

• Have total clarity around the most effective managerial behaviours for reducing stress

• Have a toolkit for quick and easy interventions to manage your own and others’ stress levels

• Competently coach individuals who are having specific challenges around stress

• Return to the workplace confident in your ability to manage and reduce stress within your team

Who is this aimed at?

"Stress Less" is a half-day workshop that gives line managers and anyone who leads teams, all the tools they need to identify stress, manage it and minimise it.  It is suitable for 15-20 delegates.

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