cleveland policeMany police officers and support staff throughout their career may need to access the support of a counsellor due to either a personal or work related incident.  The role of a police officer is physically, emotionally and mentally demanding, with officers being exposed to distressing scenes and sensitive investigations. Cleveland Police has an Occupational Health unit which offers a range of treatments "to support officers suffering from stress, post traumatic stress and anxiety" in a bid to help them return to work "as quickly as possible without compromising their physical or mental health".

Alliance have delivered employee counselling services on behalf of Cleveland Police since 2010. Following a recent  successful procurement process, we can continue to offer an independent, confidential and free counselling services for employees.

Counselling sessions may be offered over the telephone or face to face and can be provided in one of our venues across Teesside.

Please contact your Occupational Health Department to discuss a referral or contact us direct for more advice and information about the service we can provide.

Direct: 0800 107 58 80