Mindfulness for Kits

What is Mindfulness for Kits and who is it for?

Mindfulness for kits is a 6-week course, designed for children aged between 7 and 10.  This initial course focuses on teaching skills associated with ‘grounding’ and self-regulation.

It provides an easy but effective route to the benefits of mindfulness for your children, whether you, as a teacher, have little or no understanding of mindfulness or you are an experienced practitioner of mindfulness.

The sessions are short and designed to fit easily and smoothly into any busy school schedule, while providing a constructive and supportive link with the greater school community in developing and maintaining mental wellbeing.

The five teaching weeks of the introductory course comprise 3 main components that combine effectively to promote mindfulness in the classroom and beyond into school community. 

1. Short Stories

A short story of between 15 or 25 minutes in length which is read by the class teacher at the beginning of each of the 5 teaching weeks and serves to introduce children, in a fun way, to a variety of different mindfulness practices. 

Stories represent a very powerful and engaging medium for introducing new skills to children who listen readily and easily learn the skills of mindfulness.  Clear explanations provided within the text encourage beginners, whether children or adults, to quickly gain an understanding of mindfulness and the techniques embedded within the narrative.  We would recommend that children be encouraged to take the stories home with them to read with their parents or carers to help embed and share those mindfulness skills.

Each story acts as a gateway into the world of the forest, where a wise, but ancient squirrel guides us, in company with young squirrels or kits, through a series of meditation exercises resting within each story.  The stories may be about squirrels, but their problems will be familiar to any child who has experienced anger or frustration, worry or anxiety.

In the first story, for example, a young kit called Hobb, has difficulty in controlling his anger.  Old Ma, teaches him to notice the presence of difficult thoughts and emotions and to then direct his attention at times like this, to feeling the sensations in his feet, a grounding technique called FOG or Feet On Ground.  A tool which is based on a technique demonstrated to successfully support young people with Asperger syndrome in regulating emotions in more productive ways.

2. Audio Recordings

Each story is supported by a wide selection of audio recordings which vary in length from between 4 to 12 minutes.  

They serve to both reinforce the practices introduced in the weekly story and provide enrichment exercises which give children not only a greater understanding of mindfulness but also introduces additional mindfulness techniques. The audio recordings can be played to the class at convenient but regular times during the week, as well as times when a short meditation may serve as a means of re-focusing attention.  

The recordings can also be made available for home practice.

3. Kit Cards

Kit cards form the third component of mindfulness for kits and are provided to each child at the end of each story.  

These are credit card size and outline the mindfulness tool introduced during a story so the children can take them home and practice with their siblings, parents or carers.   


Mindfulness for kits, includes an initial day’s training, to introduce you and your team to the course, its structure and practices and includes an opportunity to decide and plan how best to bring mindfulness for kits into your school. 

Furthermore, the first week of the course consists of an orientation week for teachers prior to delivery so as to reinforce the initial training and enhance further familiarity, understanding and confidence in presenting the course. 

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