Large numbers of children grow up with a parent who has problems with their own mental health and wellbeing. Many of these parents will have mild or short-lived problems including anxiety or some types of depression, however many children live with a parent who has a long-term alcohol problem or drug dependency, sometimes combined with a mental health problem, which may affect their children in many different ways.

When a parent becomes emotionally or mentally unwell, it can be difficult for them to explain to their child what is happening and for the child to make sense of their parent’s behaviour.  Parents and children or young people often feel isolated and unsupported when their parent is unwell, which can increase distress and anxiety across the family. Many parents feel under pressure to balance their role as a parent with their other roles such as partners or workers. Parents with mental health problems may find this particularly difficult. 

How Can we Help?

Parenting is one of the most important jobs there is, but little is provided to prepare people for this important role - yet parents are the key to giving children a happy and stable childhood.  

At Alliance we will help to support parents by identifying areas that are impacting on a child's behavioural or emotional needs and providing support with this.  This could include;

  • Boundary Setting
  • Bedtime routines
  • Styles of Parenting

We can provide support in a practical way and may be able to provide services for you and your family so that you are all receiving emotional and psychological support together.

Contact us at or telephone us on 01642 352747 Option 2