A loss occurs when anything that is valued or anyone we are attached to is removed from our lives.  Grief is the process by which we adjust to living with a significant loss - it is the pain of 'letting-go'.  In their daily lives many young children are exposed to experiences of loss.  It may be the death of a pet, a best friend moving far away, parents getting a divorce or the death of a much loved grandparent.  Primary teachers are in an ideal situation to support children who may be experiencing loss and grief and to help prepare all children for future experiences of loss.

What Is Involved?

  • what is loss?
  • understanding grief as a natural response to loss
  • emotions - what are they?
  • building resilience and coping strategies

Who is this aimed at?

This workshop is aimed at teachers and professionals working with children and young people to help them understand the grief process better so they can support children through their loss and grief experiences.  It can be delivered over over 1-2 hours or adapted to the needs of the group.