How Do I get an Appointment?

Your Occupational Health or HR Team may have suggested that Alliance Counselling can help you with work or personal issues.  Some organisations have agreed a self-referral route for staff enabling a direct referral to us without discussing with your employer first.

All enquires can be made in the following ways;

What Happens Next?

When you contact us we will take some basic details from you, mainly your contact details and the present difficulties you are experiencing.  We aim to provide you with a date to start your therapy within 5 days and will try to accommodate your needs with flexible appointments with a range of different venue choices.  You will be allocated a therapist who will work with you from assessment through to the end of your therapy. We take your confidentiality very seriously and we will not discuss you and your circumstances with anyone else, unless you or anyone else is in immediate danger.  

How long Does Therapy Last for?

Our workplace counselling is short term and we usually work within a 6 session model. In some circumstances we can provide longer term counselling for example for those who have experienced trauma or some types of anxiety and depression.