What is IPT?

Interpersonal Therapy or IPT's  main focus is on relationship problems and on helping you to identify how you are feeling and behaving in your relationships with others.  IPT looks at symptoms, such as low mood or anxiety, and tries to understand how this may be a response to current difficulties in relationships, or how the low mood or anxiety could be affecting the quality of relationships. It aims to support people with mild to moderate common mental health difficulties, such as low mood, anxiety and stress.

We can deliver sessions over the telephone or face to face, either in your GP practice (subject to availability) or one of our own venues.

Sessions last up to 1 hour and are generally weekly or fortnightly.

How Can This Help Me?

You may develop an understanding of how difficulties in your relationships may have contributed to your psychological symptoms.

You may feel able to deal with a relationship problem more effectively, which may improve your psychological symptoms.

It also helps;

  • Conflict with another person
  • Life changes that affect how you feel about yourself and others
  • Grief and loss
  • Difficulty in starting or keeping relationships going