It is not possible to protect our children from the ups and downs of life. Raising resilient children however is possible and can provide them with the tools they need to respond to the challenges of adolescence and young adulthood and to navigate successfully in adulthood. Despite our best efforts we cannot prevent adversity and daily stress; but we can learn to be more resilient by changing how we think about challenges and adversities.

What is Involved?

  • Learning "resilient thinking skills"
  • dealing with risks and tragedy with confidence & self esteem in a positive, fun, relaxed atmosphere
  • children and young people will discover their personal strengths using a solution focused approach
  • developing positive strategies to deal with issues such as anxiety, friendship issues and bullying
  • understanding self-harm (in the adolescent group only)

Who is this aimed at?

This innovative workshop is aimed at children and young people.  Workshops will be delivered for 2 separate age groups - children aged 5-11 yrs (delivered over 6 weekly sessions) and adolescents aged 12-16 years (delivered over 8 weekly sessions).

If you are interested in this workshop then please contact us at