Clinical supervision in the workplace was introduced as a way of using reflective practice and shared experiences as part of continuing professional development.  It aims to stimulate ideas and encourages reflective and analysis thought processes about practice.

We provide Supervision and Consultation on various matters including support with clinical caseloads, management of individual staff and teams. Headteachers, Principals, teaching staff and others working in schools, colleges and alternative educational settings are currently supporting children, young people and their families on a regular basis, often with complex social and psychological, as well as learning-related, issues.  The challenges that children and young people face in their everyday lives clearly have an impact on their ability to access and engage with their learning, listening and attending to these issues is part of the daily work of many education professionals.

Clinical supervision isn’t a management tool, but can be used as a support and prompt to professional practice in a creative way.  There is no one model of clinical supervision to follow, so Alliance Supervision has been designed to help you with some of the basic questions and answers that may arise within your working environment.

What are the benefits?

  • Independently facilitated supervision sessions (a safe, supportive, confidential and protected space)
  • Develop best practice through reflection and help manage the emotional and psychological impact of the work
  • Develop competency and confidence of staff
  • Practical strategies and general support around all aspects of emotional health and wellbeing 
  • Improve understanding of challenging behaviours and complex issues
  • Reduce of staff time taken away from the work place with stress-related illness.
  • Improve retention of staff 

We provide group and individual professional supervision for professionals to reflect on their work and receive support and guidance from within a structured relationship

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