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According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, almost 50% of long term absences are the result of mental health problems. While prolonged worklessness is harmful to physical and mental health, returning to work or gaining re-employment can reverse the adverse health effects of time away from the workplace. Many employees worry about a return to work – what colleagues have been told, whether they will be viewed differently or whether work will exacerbate their symptoms.

The goals of our return to work programme are:

  • To support employees in achieving a resolution to their current situation
  • To assist employees in achieving a quicker return to work
  • To balance the positive and negative health impacts of a return to work
  • To support employees to remain at work following their return
  • To support management and Occupational Health in improving employee wellbeing
  • To support managers to facilitate a return to work for their employee
  • To improve the confidence of managers in managing mental health sickness absence
  • To reduce the number of days lost to the organisation due to employee sickness

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