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Clinical and Supervision Support

Supervision is talking about our work with another fellow professional to reflect and explore what we do and find out ways which could help us do a better job and keep ourselves healthier and happier whilst doing it.

It isn’t about an expert telling us how to do our job, but sometimes when a job gives you exposure to situations or materials that are emotionally taxing, it is helpful our discuss our work with someone outside of our organisation, who we can trust and we know who won’t judge us. Explaining things to someone else makes things clearer and helps us to develop new perspective and a greater understanding of different situations/materials. Knowing we have a safe place we can go with our insecurities and concerns about both work and private life, gives us the reasurrance that we need to keep going and not doubt our abilities. Building monthly schedules that incorporate “Supervision” makes us think more about our own wellbeing and gives a greater awareness of how our interactions with colleagues and clients impact upon us both and them and so make us more resilient and effective in the workplace.

Sometimes, organisations develop a culture which employees fear being seen as “weak” if they express concerns about their emotional wellbeing or ability to do their job. Supervision can take this fear away by having mandatory supervision once a month. By doing this, it removes the stigma and changes the culture of the organisation by developing individuals and raising awareness of the impact that our work has on us and those around us. It becomes routine for all employees and embeds into the organisation leading it to a happier, healthier and more productive workplace.

What we offer

  • One to One Supervision for individual staff or managers
  • Group Supervision for teams
  • Bespoke Supervision

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