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Older people, especially those with depression, are as likely to benefit from talking therapies as everyone else. Depression in later life, especially over the age of 65, is often dismissed as a normal part of ageing. However, this isn’t the case and talking therapy can improve your enjoyment of life if you’re feeling low. In addition, for someone with dementia, being diagnosed with such a life-changing and life-limiting condition is clearly a major event, working closely with local services we can work effectively with individuals and their carers who are experiencing early onset of dementia and the life changes that this may bring.

At  Alliance we have a dedicated team of staff who have a special interest in working with older people alongside the experience and skills so that you feel listened to and understood.  We can help you get an appointment quicker and can offer you appointments within your own home or a community venue that you are comfortable with.  We can also offer you telephone support.

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