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The great majority of regular and reserve armed forces personnel do not experience mental health problems either during or after service. Each year 24,000 personnel leave the Armed Forces. There are about 2,000 medical discharges, of which about 200 are due to mental health problems.

It is not known how many leave the Armed Forces with an unrecognised mental health problem. However, It is estimated there are about 5 million veterans in the UK and about 7 million family dependents.

The most obvious potential risks to the mental health of service personnel are violent or traumatic experiences of combat.  Other risks to their mental health may include

  • Frequent of prolonged deployments
  • Disruptions or instability in home life
  • Making the transition from service to civilian life
  • The consequences of the excessive drinking culture that is often found among service personnel.

At Alliance we can provide a range of psychological services for veterans and their families. 

To make a referral, you can get in touch with us on

If you’re currently serving, or have served in the UK Armed Forces, you can call CombatStress 24 Hour Helpline to talk about mental health. If you are a family member or carer worried about a loved one or are suffering yourself, you can use it too. 

The Helpline is there for you if you are having trouble sleeping, suffer with flashbacks, feel depressed, get anxious sometimes or just feel that something is not quite right. 

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