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Our Primary care Team are dedicated to supporting each of clients and have received some fantastic feedback on our services.

When I came into this service I was in a dark place and couldn’t see a way out of it. However, my therapist listened to me, understood me and helped me come to terms with my situation, and also helped me develop skills and strategies that are helping me maintain my wellbeing. 

I would highly recommend this service to anyone and I won’t hesitate to come back if I should ever need to. Thank you for all your help.

Primary Care User

I found the Alliance experience really helpful, and the therapist was patient, understanding and non judgemental. She gave me the space I needed to clear out my emotions, and allowed me the space to believe that this is just a moment in my life and there are possibilities to look forward to beyond….

Primary Care User

I feel, I am back to the person I used to be before my anxiety took hold of me. I feel I am back in control of my life and am looking forward to the future. I feel positive again and above all, happy!

Thank you x

Having gone into talking therapies with an open mind unsure of the benefits I could gain from it I have appreciated having the time to talk through my problems and difficulties and understand them further and use this experience to cope with them better in day to day life.  I appreciated that my therapist supported EMDR and a technique that might help me and although I have not been well enough to go into this technique as much as we would have liked, having gone through the initial stages has given me the insight as something I could explore  in the future.

Talking Therapies User

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